Hey guys!

We just wanted to say thank you for visiting us and tell you a little about us and why we came to be. We are Leanne and Tammy and we both are professional face-painters. In our profession glitter is a big deal. We use tons of the stuff and we are addicted to what glitter does to our happiness. But…… the animals and planet are not so happy. So we looked at going eco and alas the glitter we were ordering was making us a little sad inside. That sparkle we were used to was just not there. The shine was gone, the holo was gone, the glitter curled up like those little fish from the Christmas crackers and we were just not feeling it. But we wanted to be better for the planet. So we got to work searching all over for the bling bling we wanted in a biodegradable glitter and I think we did a bloody good job with what we came up with. To the eye it looks no different to standard plastic glitter but it is vegan friendly, cruelty free, biodegradable and flippin AMAZING! If you don’t believe us either order the sample sizes or check out our instagram and Facebook for the video evidence.

We really hope you love the mixes we have put together as much as we do ( our insides do a little happy dance when we use it ).


Leanne and Tammy xxx